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500 Calorie Diet Plan: How to start it

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500 Calorie Diet Plan, 500 Calorie Meal, 500 calorie breakfast, 500 calorie a day diet

You may already have the mere idea of 500 calorie diet plan from my previous article. Looking towards more about it, then you have landed on the right website. In this very article, I will be focusing and highlighting about some of the important things about 500 calorie meal plan. But before that, be assured that at the end of article you will be amazed with the term and how to start it. The main purpose of this article is to help the needy and give hope that they can be as good as any other human being in this earth. Moreover, don’t quit before starting the 500 calorie a day diet.

500 Calorie Diet Plan, 500 Calorie Meal, 500 calorie breakfast, 500 calorie a day diet

Introduction 500 Calorie Meal

500 Calorie meal plan is simply an extreme form of very low calorie diet plan. Do check it out if you don’t know about very low calorie diet plan (use hyperlink from own blog). The main objective of this plan is to reduce the amount of food and limiting food calories to 500 calories a day diet. Though, it’s pretty hard to do, but you can always start with 500 calorie breakfast. The 500 calorie meal plan should contain the maximum calories of only 800.

500 Calorie diet plan in other words is the replacements of normal food with low calories drinks, shakes and prepared food bars. Likewise, you should be limited to these foods rather than to have two meals a day. 500 calorie a day diet is specially designed for people who falls under the overweight and unable to reduce the weight on any circumstance. However, it should be taken under the direct supervision of the doctors or medical personnel.

How to start 500 Calorie a day Diet

500 Calorie diet plan is one of the critical diet plan after the 400 calorie diet plan and very low calorie diet plan (use link from own). You should be very careful while choosing this plan. As I have already mention above, this plan should be taken under the direct supervision of the doctors. While it is the mere case where you have very less chance of losing weight and there’s a good tension about upcoming health conditions. Well, you can start with 500 Calorie breakfast but be aware of these below points.

Don’t do it on your free will

We, humans have the very bad habits of trying and figuring things by ourselves. Well, it might work on several cases but it might have very negative effect at the same time. I guess it will be my third time stating this sentence in this particular article, it shouldn’t be done without medical professional recommendation. Upon the heavy weight and less possibility of weight loss, doctors with all the general health concerns might prescribed this plan. If the doctors hasn’t recommended this then don’t do it, it has its own risks and precautions associated with it.

5:2 Diet Plan

If you’re up to 500 calorie breakfast, then ultimately start with 5:2 diet plan. I will come up with 5:2 Diet plan article separately, but for now just have the small concept of it. The concept of 5:2 diet is pretty simple. You eat a balanced diet for straight 5 days and limit yourself to only 500 calories meal for the next two days. Simple right, however you should be aware that the two fasting days are usually nonconsecutive. While, there is very little support for the benefits of going 5:2 diet plan. But, it’s still the best thing to follow.

How much is 500 calories?

The thing is pretty clear, no matter what you eat, it shouldn’t exceed the maximum amount of calories of 800 and lure to around 500 calories a day diet. But how do you know how much is 500 calories? Well, there’s a good way to calculate your food intake. The USDA has huge list of foods and their calories consumption. For example, an apple has around 80 calories while two pieces of fried chicken comes up with 400 calories. So, you can plan your own things right.

No matter what, you still need nutrition

Though you stick with the plan not to exceed over 800 calories a day, but what about nutrition? You still need it mate and there’s no escape to that. Besides, the extensive calorie count, you should consumed foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grain. Check out the balanced diet for more information.

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What are the cons of 500 Calorie Diet Plan?

Though, it is one of the safest, easiest and fastest way to get rid of overweight, however you should be very conscious and careful about it. As every things has its two side, the cons of 500 calorie diet is pretty unavoidable.

  • The use of 500 calorie a day diet plan might cause you the deficiencies of vitamin and minerals. According to Mayo Clinic the lack of mineral zinc might cause you hair loss. Whereas, low iron can lead to anemia and other minerals cause several health complications including heart attack.
  • Another complication of having 500 calorie breakfast or plan is you might lose healthy muscle. Well, you might be wondering the loss of muscle is simply weight loss, but keep in mind that not every loss of muscle is healthy. Sharon Palmer, R.D, dietitian and author of the book “Plant-Powered for life states that upon the good consumed of fat reserves, our body will start burning healthy muscles.
  • Similarly, there will be a series of change in your metabolism process.

At last

If you have read all the above things, then you must know what 500 calorie diet plan is, what its benefits are, how to start it and what its cons are. So, the decision is all yours, don’t be stressed about being overweight, there’s always a solution. But before choosing this critical 500 calorie meal plan, don’t forget to get good consultant service with your GP.

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