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Effective 800 Calorie Diet Plan – Benefits & Dangers of Calorie Meal Plan

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The weight loss process is hectic and extremely time consuming. Continuous workout and the proper diet, the result to no fat zone is still a difficult task. Living on the edge with various health problems due with the increasing weight, 800 Calorie Diet Plan can be a life saver. The 800 Calorie Diet is the set and guidelines of intake calories per day which effectively cut down the calories. Whereas, it tremendously increases the body health and tends to give the taste of happy and blissful life.

800 Calorie Diet Plan, 800 Calorie Diet, 800 Calorie Meal Plan, 800 Calories a day

800 Calories a day is simply a very low calorie diet plan, helps to lose weight fast. The stats collected by University of California at Los Angeles states that, 800 Calorie Meal Plan helps to lose 5 pounds a week. However, it also warns about its uses and concerned about the extreme weight loss, resulting into other unwanted health problems.

800 Calorie Diet Plan and weight loss rate

As I have already mentioned the little fact and pounds you cut off upon the use of 800 Calories a day, but wait there’s still more. The super speedy weight loss method will give you tough time, if you are simply consuming over 2000 calories earlier. The 800 calorie diet plan cuts the flat 1200 calories from your body resulting to fast weight loss. Let’s assume your daily calorie consumption is 2500 resulting to 17,500 calories per week. Whereas, the tight schedule will only give 5600 calories per week. Cutting down the hefty calories of 11,900 per weeks, you can simply lose over 3.4 pounds a week (-3500 is 1 pound).

The plan is effective while it should be taken into consideration under the direct supervision of dietician or your nutritionist. The unwise use of these plans will have negative impact on your health and invites unusual health problems. The best way is to consult with your doctor, calculate your BMI and choose your plan accordingly. Well, everyone wants the rapid weight loss and wants to have proper shaped body. But you should know what you are taking and what it will give to you. Check out my Awesome Calorie Diet Plan & Its Importance article which gives you the detail idea about the available plans and its benefits.

Benefits of 800 Calories a day

  • For obese individuals and peoples suffering from extreme weight gain, 800 calorie diet can be a good aid. The proper use of 800 Calorie Meal Plan can reduce the weight up to 5 pounds in a week.
  • People suffering from obese body are widely affected by fertility disorders, respiratory problems and cardiac aliments. The only solution to such problems is 800 calorie diet plan
  • The use of 800 calories a day not only balance your weight, but also improves the BP, waist circumference, eradicate sleep disorders and motivates to live a healthy life.

Dangers of 800 Calories Meal Plan

  • The unsupervised adaption of 800 calorie diet plan can cause you several health problems.
  • The health problems can be accompanied by long term, nutritional deficiencies, and triggers in bone/muscle. Additionally, the diet plan can also affect in the proper function of kidney and liver.
  • Very low calorie diet plan can also slow down your metabolism and can lead to future weight gain and indigestion problems. Furthermore, you can also be the victim of uncommon diarrhea and constant fatigue.
  • People following the calorie diet plan can develop gallstones, so it’s better to use it with proper precaution.
  • Likewise, it can also lead you to simple body problems such as muscle fatigue, dehydration, malnutrition and mental confusion.

The very low calorie diet plan is an essential guidelines and steps that needs to be taken into consideration for obese people. As I have already discussed about its benefits and possible dangers if not used wisely. I guess, I don’t have much to state much more about 800 calorie diet plan. However, I will be back with other calorie diet plans. Till, then feel free to comment your favorite plans in the comment section.

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