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Very Low Calorie Diet Plan: Introduction & Benefits

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When it comes to fat burning and losing weight, it’s a sure fact that it’s not an easy task. The larger portion of the population seems to be facing the same common problem while the solutions seems to be mere. In the contrary, Very Low Calorie Diet Plan (VLCDP) is taken as the helpful aid for many. Though, the meal plan is pretty crucial and needs to be taken under the serious supervision of the medical personnel. However, if you ask any dietitian about the most effective low calorie meals plan, then the most common answer would be the none other than VLCDP.

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The low calorie diet plan has been recommended by various big health associated organization including NHS and NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence). Whereas, it has the proven the history of more than 50 years. Before moving to its introduction and brief benefits, you might want to look at the available plans in Calorie Diet Plans.

What is Very Low Calorie Diet Plan?

The general consumption of less or maximum calories per day is simply very low calorie diet plan. To explain further in simple words, the act of taking Low Calorie Meals in order to maintain static weight (not lose or gain weight) is very low calorie diet plan. The calories intake is differ by age, gender and the daily activities they perform. The normal consumption of calories of men is 2500 and women is 2000, whereas, we will be taking almost half of those calories per day. If taken properly, Very Low Calorie Diet Plan causes rapid weight loss and should not be taken for a long term. It is specially designed for adults who are obese and has the BMI over 30. The Low Calorie Meals should be taken under medical supervision and should not exceed more than 12 weeks. The diet plan is pretty simple and involves replacing normal food with low calorie diet plan such as shakes, soups, bars or porridge containing milk.

Proposed by numerous Medical Personnel

The hard process and extreme weight loss is well famous among medical professionals. As, very low calorie diet plan has good history over 50 years, many has immensely confronted its benefits and the outstanding results. The famous TV’s Dr Hilary Jones has frequently spoken about its benefits and practice of low calorie diet plans. However, it has certain boundaries and outlaws. No matter what the result is, it should be only follow through doctor’s recommendation. Additionally, you should exclude this plan if you are under 18, pregnant and needs to give breastfeeding.

Benefits of Very Low Calorie Diet Plan

Believe it or not, there are tons of benefits of low calorie diet plan. Not only it’s the fastest and efficient way to reduce weight loss, but it also helps to avoid many health risks. Along with several health issues, it basically remove the problem of being obese or overweight. Very low calorie diet plan for the people having BMI of 30+ eliminates type 2 diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, joint, muscle pain and strokes. The serious and proper act of low calorie meals plan prevent long term serious medical conditions. And overcome with the existing problems and tends to give more healthy and happy life. I personally recommends this method under doctor supervision and there’s a wide report of reducing the existing symptoms of type 2 diabetes including elimination of joint and muscle pain. Besides, many are overwhelmed of looking younger, fresh, healthy and living a happy life. Though, it may not be appropriate to list this here, but very low calorie diet plan also saves you lot.

The End

To this point, you have gain the knowledge about very low calorie diet plan and its benefit. So, when will you start taking low calorie meals plan and witness the positive change in life? Keep visiting us, as we will be bringing more about low calorie diet plan in my next articles. Till then enjoy living a happy and prosperous life. At least have some faith that you will lose some weight in coming days.

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